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With over One Thousand plus continuous gigs to date, Native Detroiter Magazine has coined DJ MIKE TODD, as the "People's DJ!" The ultimate distinction given to a professional artist dedicated to appreciative fans of music all over. Mike's dedication, and passion for the people, has afforded him choice selections for top Dj gigs all over.

He has DJ'ed alongside legends: Kevin Saunderson, Tim Bowman, Kirk Whalum, Eddie Fowlkes, Angela Winbush, John Collins and many, many, more. With multiple residencies, festivals, touring, radio and weekly local affairs - Mike's passion for music ultimately led him to the creation of "DEEP GRUV RECORDS." A label fueled from the Streets and Harmonies of UnderGround Detroit House, Techno and Dance


It's time to elevate music and feed the Soul. 

We want you to GRUV DEEP at DEEP GRUV - 

Let's Go!!  


DJ Mike Todd is the Pres/CEO of Deep Gruv Records, as well as a Notable DJ in the House and Urban Dance Music community. Mike Todd got his start as a young teenager, Dj-ing basement parties, making 8 track tapes, throwing parties all over Detroit/Canada, and later mixing grooves in Germany as a young soldier in the military. Mike traveled abroad for a few years, and later migrated back to his hometown of Detroit, Mi. He went on to attend Michigan State University, where he quickly dialed into the local dj party scene. Soon afterwards, Mike was promoting small concerts as well as promoting multiple club and college parties at MSU.

As duty called, DJMT graduated with an aggressive and accelerated course load from Michigan State. He did this while simultaneously becoming a young Military Officer during the Iraq military invasion of Kuwait. With a call back to stateside from overseas assignments, music and music alone fueled him and became his escape all throughout his arduous career. While off duty, music comforted Mike Todd ‘til the end of his last tour of duty. The dedication to be the best soldier and officer, undoubtedly laid the foundation to his musical pursuits. He later went onto Graduate School to obtain a Masters in Business from the Naval PostGraduate School.

With music - His ability to understand the unique ebb and flows of the art, seemed to become simply natural over the years. As a soldier in his off time, he studied the surgical nuances of various Detroit mixtapes, and played Vinyl records over and over again. He did this like a student studying for the Law exam. From his young beginnings, the energy of music has fueled him. At 3 years old, on his Auntie’s custom vinyl record player, he was instantly hypnotized and transformed by music for years to come. All of this combined, created a unique musical path and exposure for Mike Todd. He’d eventually rub elbows with various Billboard Artists, Radio DJs, numerous radio personalities and program directors throughout the country. The business side of music was illuminated and heightened when offered the opportunity to co-own a strong Las Vegas record label, “7 Days Entertainment!” This collaboration led to concerts, parties, artist development and distro deals upon his exit from the Military.

Presently, this Dj/Producer has been fueled by fire Dj-ing all across the country. He’s able now to devote his energy full time to his craft. Since coming back onto the Detroit scene in the mid 2000’s, Dj Mike Todd has enjoyed multiple residencies and bookings each and every week for a Decade plus! He credits this successful run to pure dedication, spending countless hours in the studio and developing great relationships. Mike sticks to a few solid principles; Truly love the people you perform for, establish great relationships and master the intrinsic science of music and business. He’s often quoted saying, “They call it MUSIC BUSINESS for a reason!”

You can catch Dj Mike Todd, aka the ‘People’s DJ / aka ‘Brother Love’ - all throughout the Metro Detroit area. He enjoys multiple year round residencies, along with being the official Dj for notable corporate clients. He loves doing countless private chic affairs, radio shows, festivals and putting out music with Deep Gruv Records. Mike Todd’s true claim to fame: “People First - Music Always!”



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